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Microsoft Word is the best word processing text editor

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Microsoft Word is a word processing application. It was released as part of the current version of the Office Suite. Though the application is largely similar to earlier versions of Word, Microsoft has made several performance improvements in the 2021 edition. Word may be used not only on Windows computers but also on iPhones and Android phones and tablets.

Some of the menu elements have been rearranged in this version of Word by Microsoft. This was done in order to make the most regularly used Word tools more accessible and locatable for users. In this edition, the menu items’ design and appearance have been changed. The changes are intended to improve overall aesthetics and make it easier for users to distinguish between different tools.

A new ‘Touch Mode’ has been added with this release. This makes the software easier to use on touch-screen devices. Naturally, you can only use the touch mode of Word 2013 if you are using a device with a touch screen. Because of the touch screens, the buttons are larger and easier to select while in use.

A new welcome screen is included in Word 2021. This page features a visual representation of the most recently opened documents. In addition, the welcome page displays a list of the numerous templates available for new papers.

This version of Word allows you to include photographs directly from social media accounts such as Facebook or Flickr into a Word document. Another fantastic feature of the new Word version is the option to use Creative Commons to find images that can be easily added to a document in progress.

With this version, Microsoft concentrated on improving Word’s collaborative capabilities. The new version includes a feature that allows several users to examine and collaborate on comments that have been sunk into a document.


1. Word 2021’s reading mode is a highly useful function.
2. The technique for importing photos has been streamlined in this edition, making it exceedingly simple and uncomplicated.
3. The ribbon interface is the interface used in this version. Learning 4. how to use this UI is a breeze.
5. When it comes to both the program’s settings and the documents that are created, Word 2021 can sync with Skydrive.
6. Many enhancements have been made to increase overall performance over previous versions.


1. Unfortunately, no assistance is available when it is used with Windows XP.
2. Users frequently have difficulty locating specific tools.
3. While the ribbon design may provide certain navigational benefits, 4. some users may prefer to use another interface. With the Word 2021 arrangement, this is not possible.