Google Account Manager

for Android 7.1.2
Downloads : 204 - Apr 14, 2022 - Google Inc - 6.24 MB Freeware

Google Account Manager is the best solution for adding multiple accounts and verifying them

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Google Account Manager manages all supported versions on your Android. Android is the wonderful presentation of Google and Google takes a vital part in the functioning of Android devices. It offers several features and functionalities for enhancing the performance of Android and it works as an open-source and different 3rd-parties developers constantly try to expand and explore it. It gives access to all Goggle-dependent functions and services and in case of forgetting passwords or for any other reason; you can easily bypass the password demand and access to the main screen.

45% of around the world, Android is penetrated and offers several in-built Google applications such as Google, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, Play Music, Hangouts, and Photos. You require a Gmail account to inter-connect these applications, and Google Account Manager is the best option to sync as well as recover your Google account, bypass the factory restore settings, protect your personal data, and so on. It allows you to track the activities of all connected devices and restore your data, contacts, and photos with the help of Google Drive. The user-friendly interface offers a convenient way of managing your Google account and other related apps, and even other third-parties apps that are using your Google account. Handle your online payments that are managed by Google Pay in multiple resources such as e-wallet, credit card, app purchases, subscriptions, reservations of tickets, and so on.

It can handle the connected devices remotely and restore your data within moments. You can set up, and manage your personal and professional accounts on any device independently. You can use an exclusive Google account for multiple devices and easily monitor their activities. Get free from the fatigue of converting the data of the old phone to the new one, just install the app and easily move your content to any other device you like. In case of forgetting your account password, crashing of your screen, or stealing your device, it will solve your problem and bypass the factory reset protection, and give easy access to your home screen. Multiple users use several Gmail accounts for different purposes. It will save you from any mess up or confusion and manage all accounts with one click. You can add secondary accounts also from the Google settings option.

It will manage your account while redirecting you to all settings; home, personal info, data and personalization, security, people & sharing, payments, and subscription. It will protect your web searching, Chrome history, maps and location history, YouTube history, timeline activities, a summary of Google dashboard, Adsense products, contacts, and calendar activities. It will also create a backup of all of your data.